"My husband and I own Culpepper Family Dentistry in Northwest Arkansas. We have been so lucky to work with the wonderful people at Innovative Direct Marketing. Mr. Jim and Mr. Jessie are very responsive, friendly, and professional. We currently have a mailer ad with them in 3 cities close to our office. The office has seen a HUGE INCREASE in patients from the mailer. Everyone loves the ad! We highly recommend using Innovative Direct Marketing LLC. "

Culpepper family dentistry
Sarah Culpepper

"We use Innovative Direct Marketing for all or our marketing needs. The monthly mailer is by far the best avenue of advertising we have ever used. It is nice to know every month that our advertising needs are met with a stress free partnership with Jim and his team! Another thing I can say is it's nice to have someone working with me on a daily basis that truly understands the concept we have built our business on, customer service!"

Pistol N Pearls
Tia Clemons

"Working with IDM has been a wonderful experience! Being an established business for over 15 years, we have built up our clientele very well but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly we were seeing new customers after they had received their IDM mailer. It's a great way to gain new customers and ever a better way to give your established customers a special treat... 20% off an item...$25 off purchase, etc. We are now in the process of opening our second location and I'm so glad I have Cheryl and James to rely on for all my mail-out needs. And customer service is 10 for 10!"

Steamroller Blues
Kaitlin Minton

"Innovative Direct has helped build both of my businesses! The price is reasonable and people actually use the coupons and look forward to getting them each month. They have exposed our business to several new clients!"

Body Indulgence Spa and Ensemble Art Gallery
Jaime Eakle

"Advertising with IDM is the best for my business. They are easy to work with, always produce quality ads, and the use of coupons gets customers in the door. Definitely happy with the results!"

Bethany Swindell

"We have been very pleased with the response we have received. Our clients seem to appreciate the discount each month and also we have gotten several new clients. So advertising with you has been great!"

Chrysalis day spa and Skin Care Center

"Jim & Lindsey at IDM have been the best people to work with and helpful in my marketing needs. I used coupons to help track my advertising dollar and each month I always see a great return for my dollars spent. I've tried Radio, newspaper, and magazine but IDM has been my best return. I hope you give Jim & Lindsey a try."

3 Flamingos of Cabot, AR
Rick Adams

"Lindsey and James are a pleasure to work with. Total professionals. The number of people we have reached is awesome and it continues to help us grow our business. We look forward to a continued partnership."

Shalee's Day Spa and Skin Care - Cabot, AR
Jennifer & Shalee

"So many times advertising costs so much money and the results we want, we just don't get. With Innovative Direct Marketing this is far from the case! Not only is the cost very affordable, the results are out of this world! It is one of the best advertising decisions we have ever made! They will always have our business!"

Wright Family Dentistry
Hannah Graves

"It has been very popular with our customer, and I believe it has brought in customers that may not have known about us otherwise. We love the little incentive it gives to shop and continue coming back!"

The Leaning Willow
Niki Manning

"I've been using Arkansas Direct Marketing for several years now. The results I've realized have been amazing with regards to branding my company's name. They always bring me new refreshing ideas. If I do have any concerns, they are always responsive to my needs. I highly recommend Arkansas Direct Marketing if you’re looking to improve your company's marketing presence."

Windows and More
Mike Stinnett

"We were really blown away by the response we got from the ad. We have done a few other mail outs and never heard anything from them, but we get several of these in every day! Absolutely love them and I love how they were designed as well, beautiful product with amazing results! Thank you guys so so much!"

Woodland Bakery
Alexis Johnson

"We have been doing business with Arkansas Direct for a while now, and have never been disappointed. The staff is always friendly and easy to work with. The ads are always professionally done and we have seen an increase in customers since we started our coupon program."

Pro Tire
Danny Finch

"IDM has been a pleasure to work with. They have a great staff that responds well to our needs and makes sure we are always happy with the marketing they are doing for us. We've been working with them for about 2 years, and I couldn't be happier with the results."

American Pie Pizza
Melody Williford

"We have been very pleased with the response that we have received from advertisements and coupons published through IDM. We also are more than satisfied with IDM's designers who do a wonderful job creating ads for us!"

Hays Clothing
Tammy Hays

"Arkansas Direct by Innovative Direct Marketing LLC works. We receive many phone calls from the advertising we do with them. When we calculate the average price per lead their program is a great value to our business."

Windows and More
Mike Stinnett

"Great response from the community! Cheryl is a delight to work with. Give them a shot, they are worth it!"

Root's Chiropractic
Dr.'s Kyler and Kendra Pomeroy

"I have used IDM for a little while now and have been very pleased with the results that we have received. With our first ad campaign we had over 200 coupons brought in which also resulted in our best months we have ever had since we have been in business. With our second we had over 100 coupons brought back. Every Month has gotten better thanks to my ad in Arkansas Direct. Arkansas Direct is a great way to get your name out without wondering if you are wasting your advertising dollars. Rest assured Jim and Lindsey will take care of you and their marketing works extremely well!"

Bimini Butterfly - Cabot AR
Kendra Huffman

"We used the Arkansas Direct and had an overwhelming response to the ads. By far the best spent money for the Bang!!!! "

Cabot Gun and Ammo - Cabot, AR

"I do have to say that this ad did work for us. We have had a number of new customers and returning customers bring this coupon in and purchase product. I like the coupons because you can actually see it and that people are reading your ads and using them. "

Roops Carpet - Searcy, AR
Georgia Roop

"Arkansas Direct is a very professional company with whom it is easy to work. We will continue to use them after seeing such positive results. "

Chik Fil A - Searcy, AR
Gabby Marcellini

"We really enjoyed the great response we got from the coupon we ran in the mailer done by Innovative Direct Marketing!"

Subway - Searcy, AR
Dena Barger

"IDM is the best way to go for advertising! You really do get the most bang for your buck with their mailers, Facebook page, and website! Jim and Lindsey's priority is to make sure small/local businesses are taken care of in the most professional way possible...they will even design your ad FREE of charge! We have been using IDM's services from the first Cabot mail out, and could not be happier with the results!!! "

Glaze Diamonds & Denim - Cabot, AR

"Innovative Direct Marketing is a great advertising company to work with, not only do they have a very friendly staff but also flexible, and willing to work with you until your AD is perfect! I have been very pleased with the company as well as the new customers that I have received since using them. "

The Littlest Cake Shop - Cabot, AR
Brandy Huffman

"Your program was a huge success with us! It was very affordable and reached a wide variety of customers."

Jonesboro Bowling Center
Amber Jones

"The coupons ads have been doing great, they have brought many new bowlers and most of the time when someone is bringing in a coupon they will bring other bowlers with them."

Super Bowl
Rick Bailey